Giuseppe Tartini and Giuseppe Michiele Stratico

  • Stanislav Tuksar


Giuseppe Michiele Stratico (31. 7. 1728 - after 1782) - the composer, violinist and descendant of noble families Stratico and Castelli di Chio from Zadar, Croatia, but originating from Italian colonies in Greece - was close to Giuseppe Tartini sometime during the period 1745-1763. This relationship existed in three espects, personal, compositional and performing ones, in a friendly way, rich in influences, and almost certainly of the master (Tartini) - pupil (Stratico) type. Stratico may be included among the ten most authentic pupils and followers of Tartini, albeit they obviously grew apart towards the end of Tartini's life. Although a "Kleinmeister", Stratico was in no way a "Kleingeist", but more a kind of an "undiscovered genius" of the Tartini circle. He left an opus of some 330-350 compositions (violin concertos, symphonies, various chamber pieces for strings etc.), today mostly housed in Berkeley, U.S.A., and Italy (Padua, Venice, Modena, Verona, Ancona).


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