Giuseppe Tartini and His Circle in Croatian Archive Collections

  • Vjera Katalinić


Of over fifty registered Croatian music collections, twelve comprise compositions by seven members of the Tartini circle. These are works by Tartini himself, by two of his contemporaries (A. Calegari and Francesco Antonio Valotti) and by four of his pupils (Johann Gottlieb Naumann, Pietro Nardini, Giuseppe Antonio Paganelli and André-Noël Pagin). Most of the material arrived from Italy and some from German speaking areas. The latter works are mainly compositions by Naumann. Of the twelve locations, as many as eight are on the coast (Rijeka, Cres [2 collections], Split, Hvar, Starigrad/Hvar, Omiš, Dubrovnik). For the most part, manuscripts of compositions from the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century that is, contemporary works, are housed there. Material of the other four collections - three of which are in Zagreb, one in Varaždin - was obtained indirectly (via Udina, the collector) or was acquired later on (it is of more recent date, mainly in printed form), which indicates the interest of musicians in the works by Tartini and members of his Paduan circle.


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