The Music Collection in the Abbot Church of St. Daniel's, Celje

  • Danilo Pokorn


The subject of the article is the old music collection kept in the Abbot Church of St. Daniel's, Celje (Slovenia's third largest – and likewise prominent – town). The collection that has so far been unknown in scholarly reference works ranks among the fairly voluminous collections to be found in the territory of Slovenia: it consists of 189 bibliographical units, 170 of which are manuscripts and 19 prints covering mostly the time of the latter half of the 18th, and the first half of the 19th century. Its origins are diverse. A portion of the collection originates from the Jesuit College of Gorizia, some of the compositions were left to the church by the musical society active in Celje in 1801–1807 and 1836–1846, whereas the greatest part of the written/printed music has been copied or procured for the use of the church's choir. The collection's central figure as a copyist was the schoolmaster Benedikt Sluga, Carinthian by origin, who was active in Celje from at least 1777: nearly half the manuscripts have been written by his hand. In terms of style, the collection corresponds to the time when it originated. It manifests some vague reflections of Baroque and some foretokens of early Romanticism but, on the whole, is dominated by Classicism in its different stages with a number of distinguished composers of the time included. It is a characteristic of the collection that it leans on opera rather heavily, which, naturally, was no merit to church music but, nevertheless, seems to have been to the taste of the town churchgoers. At any rate, the collection reveals an interesting segment of the musical history of the town on the Savinja river, while at the same time enhancing the knowledge of the musical life in the territory of Slovenia in the period of Classicism.


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