Two 15th-century Sheets of Binchois's and Anonymous Music in Ljubljana's National and University Library


  • Jurij Snoj



The article is a presentation of two sheets of paper from the late 15th century containing 3 fully, and 4 partly preserved polyphonic musical pieces. The identification has been completed successfully only in three of these, namely the Sanctus-Agnus Dei pair by G. Binchois, and the motet Vere quia, which have also been preserved in the Trent Codices. Added is a thematic catalogue of the pieces preserved, together with a commentary on the musical notation which is often ambiguous and faulty. The two sheets, which are only fragments of a larger manuscript unit that has been lost, have been preserved as stick-on paper on the covers of a Latin manuscript from the 14th or 15th century which is almost certain to have originated from the Slovene ethnic territory.


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Snoj, J. (1988). Two 15th-century Sheets of Binchois’s and Anonymous Music in Ljubljana’s National and University Library. Musicological Annual, 24(1), 5–20.