New Findings from Correspondence Addressed to Franc Šturm

  • Katarina Bedina


The ten letters which Ivan Pučnik sent to his friend, the composer Franc Šturm, during his compositional studies with Alois Hába in Prague disclose some so far unknown information and sources from the circle of Slovene composers gathered around Slavko Osterc. From these letters it is evident that Pučnik did a lot of composing, that he intended to devote himself to music professionally, although he was studying law – for the present, however, details about the fate of his compositional work still remain uninvestigated. In the post-war musical life every trace of him, at least for the general public, has been lost.


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BedinaK. (1985). New Findings from Correspondence Addressed to Franc Šturm. Musicological Annual, 21(1), 87-95.