Unknown Comments of Leoš Janáček on His Opera »Káta Kabanová«

  • Dragan Plamenac


The author deals with two autograph letters by Janáček, hitherto unknown, which he discovered in an antiquarian book store in New York during the second World War. The letters are written in German and are dated September 2nd and November 2nd, 1922. Although the name of the addressee is not given, it can be ascertained, on the basis of Bohumír Štědroň's publication "Leoš Janáček, Letters and Reminiscences" (Prague, 1955), that the letters were addressed to the pianist and composer Juljusz Wolfsohn, who was living in Cologne at the time of the first performance of Káta Kabanová at the local opera house, as a correspondent of the music-publishing house Universal-Edition in Vienna, which brought out Janáček's work. The composer's letters are answering Wolfsohn's inquiries about the meaning of the leading melodic motives in the opera.


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PlamenacD. (1981). Unknown Comments of Leoš Janáček on His Opera »Káta Kabanová«. Musicological Annual, 17(1), 122-131. https://doi.org/10.4312/mz.17.1.122-131