Some Characteristics of L. M. Škerjanc's Fourth Symphony

  • Monika Kartin


The article deals with the Fourth Symphony of Lucijan Marija Škerjanc, composed in 1942. According to its harmonic structure it belongs to the late-romantic style. Chords on tones foreign to the tonality, altered tones and chords give the impression of impressionistic colourfulness, though one cannot speak of an impressionistic disposition. Though written for strings only the composer's sense of refined instrumentation achieves a remarkable richness of sound. By virtue of the use of expressive means, the conciseness of sound, clear and logical forming of musical ideas, melodic richness and the latter's relation to harmony, Škerjanc's Fourth Symphony ranks, among the composer's five symphonies, among the very best.


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KartinM. (1976). Some Characteristics of L. M. Škerjanc’s Fourth Symphony. Musicological Annual, 12(1), 89-96.