The Identity and Infancy of Marij Kogoj


  • Pavle Merkù



On the basis of available material the author tries to establish the precise identity of the Slovene composer Marij Kogoj. Following this aim, he makes use of the documentation to be found in the parish archives of St. Anthony the Miracle-Worker in Triest. The composer's father Stephan Kogoj and his wife Angela had five children, two of whom Anna Justina and Marij, died early, the latter at the age of eight months, in 1896. The author comes to the conclusion that the composer Marij Kogoj is actually Julius Dante Aloysius Kogoj. This is supported by the fact that there are no death data regarding Julius in the cited archives. In the family register Marij's death date entered, but was later crossed out, with the remark: 1917, student of the Musical Academy in Vienna – whereas Julius received an additional remark showing that he must have died on Jan. 31, 1896. On the basis of surviving documentation the author assumes that Julius was in hospital at the age of three, for which there must have been a sufficient reason. There is the hypothesis of a possible trauma (which might account for the composer's later malady). Also, it has been reputed that the composer, generally known under the name of Mario, on occasions said that after the death of his brother Mario he came to be called after the name of his deceased brother.


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Merkù, P. (1976). The Identity and Infancy of Marij Kogoj. Musicological Annual, 12(1), 50–66.