A Mensural Fragment from the Archiepiscopal Archives in Ljubljana

  • Janez Höfler


The fragment in question, from the archiepiscopal archives in Ljubljana, is from the latter half of the fourteenth century and consists of two parts, a tonarium in square notation, which points to Italian models, and a number of musical examples dealing with rythmical groups of semibrevis minor and semibrevis major in a form near to Marchetto of Padua (Pomerium musicae mensuratae and Brevis compilatio). From these models we can conclude that our fragment shows the influence of the Italian ars nova and thus, on one hand confirms the hypothesis of strong Italian influence from towards the northwest in the latter half of the fifteenth century and is, on the other hand, a proof of the expansion of the ars nova into central Europe towards the end of the fourteenth century.


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HöflerJ. (1966). A Mensural Fragment from the Archiepiscopal Archives in Ljubljana. Musicological Annual, 2(1), 12-17. https://doi.org/10.4312/mz.2.1.12-17