Musical Settings of Prešeren's Poems

  • Štefka Bulovec


The musical material, dating from the period 1846–1963, has been divided into three sections: I. Collections of printed music devoted exclusively to settings of the poems of Prešeren. These collections are listed in chronological order. II. Preše-ren's Poems. The titles are listed in alphabetical order and the composers who made settings of the poems are given in chronological order, according to the date of publication. III. Compositions written in honour of Prešeren, also listed in chronological order. The first appearance in print and the first musical settings or arrangements of these poems constitute and independant bibliographical section. The listings of the compositions are accompanied by newspaper reviews and criticisms of their performances. The place of preservation of the musical manuscripts is also indicated. The musical material and explanations have been obtained from the music collection of the National and University Library, the Library of the Music Academy and the archives of the Slovene Philharmonia as well as from the composers themselves.


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Bulovec Štefka. (1965). Musical Settings of Prešeren’s Poems. Musicological Annual, 1(1), 90-116.