Uroš Krek: Creative Concepts and Legacy

  • Leon Stefanija


The article describes the creative views and solutions of Uroš Krek, a prominent Slovenian musician: composer, professor of composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, ethnomusicologist and chief broadcasting music editor, academician of the Slovenian, Croatian and European Academies of Sciences and Arts, who passed away on 3. May 2008. The article presents an oeuvre that was crowned with genuine gratitude by performers and audiences thanks to its sublime simplicity from the very beginning of the composer’s career. One can seldom find a composer’s output in which – despite its deep rootedness in the past, especially in neoclassicism and in folk music – the role of spiritual creativity is so distinctive as not to allow to compare the music with past futures, because it somehow resists ageing. 


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StefanijaL. (2008). Uroš Krek: Creative Concepts and Legacy. Musicological Annual, 44(2), 11-16. https://doi.org/10.4312/mz.44.2.11-16