The organ and „Kunstreligion“ – A Fatal liasion

  • Gregor Unterkofler Univerza Mozarteum
Keywords: organ, Kunstreligion, Felix Men- delssohn Bartholdy, organ sonata


At the beginning of the 19th century young German intellectuals turn their attention to a seemingly outdated and oldfashioned instrument and start embracing it wholeheartedly. The outcome is an exciting and unusual liasion between a reverend old liturgical instrument, the organ, and a novel and original concept, namely that of Kunstreligion, encompassing both religion and art.


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Author Biography

Gregor Unterkofler, Univerza Mozarteum
Gregor UNTERKOFLER je študiral glasbeno pedagogiko in filozofijo v Salburgu in orgle na Mozarteumu v Salzburgu ter na Visoki šoli za glasbo in gledališče v Leipzigu. Poleg svoje dejavnosti kot organist in čembalist poučuje na srednji šoli v Salzburgu. Poleg tega trenutno piše svojo disertacijo na Oddelku za muzikologijo na Mozarteumu v Salzburgu.
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UnterkoflerG. (2013). The organ and „Kunstreligion“ – A Fatal liasion. Musicological Annual, 49(2), 41-47.