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Vol 39 (2012) 14C calendar chronologies and cultural sequences in 5th millennium BC in Slovenia and neighbouring regions Abstract   PDF
Marko Sraka
Vol 40 (2013) 14C dates and stratigraphy: reconsidering the sequences at Moverna vas (Bela Krajina, southeastern Slovenia) Abstract   PDF
Marko Sraka
Vol 38 (2011) A glimpse of human life from the Neolithic cemetery at Tell el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria Abstract   PDF
Akira Tsuneki
Vol 41 (2014) A hoard of astragals discovered in the Copper Age settlement at Iepureşti, Giurgiu County, Romania Abstract   PDF
Raluca Kogălniceanu, Ana Ile, Monica Mărgărit, Angela Simalcsik, Valentin Dumitraşcu
Vol 39 (2012) A hoard of flint items from Verbicioara, Romania Abstract   PDF
Cristian E. Ştefan
Vol 43 (2016) A network of the steppe and forest steppe along the Prut and Lower Danube rivers during the 6th millennium BC Abstract   PDF
Agathe Reingruber
Vol 38 (2011) A new approach to the problem of the Neolithisation of the North-Pontic area: is there a north-eastern kind of Mediterranean Impresso pottery Abstract   PDF
Dmytro Gaskevych
Vol 40 (2013) A new look at old material: ceramic petrography and Neo\Eneolithic pottery traditions in the eastern Ljubljansko barje, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Andreja Žibrat Gašparič
Vol 41 (2014) A new look at the introduction of the Neolithic way of life in Southeastern Europe. Changing paradigms of the expansion of the Neolithic way of life Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Özdoğan
Vol 30 (2003) A new model for the spread of the first farmers in Europe Abstract   PDF
Ron Pinhasi
Vol 34 (2007) A Pan-European model of the Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Kate Davison, Pavel M. Dolukhanov, Graeme R. Sarson, Anvar Shukurov
Vol 43 (2016) A small-scale cult centre in Southeast Turkey: Harbetsuvan Tepesi Abstract   PDF
Bahattin Çelik
Vol 43 (2016) A social perspective on the Neolithic in western Iran Abstract   PDF
Hojjat Darabi
Vol 30 (2003) A study on an early Neolithic site in North China Abstract   PDF
Chaodong Zhao, Jincheng Yu, Tao Wang, Wu Xiaohong, Hao Shougang, Xueping Ma, Zhengkai Xia
Vol 39 (2012) A technological study of Hassuna culture ceramics (Yarim Tepe I settlement) Abstract   PDF
Natalia Yu. Petrova
Vol 43 (2016) A Vinča potscape: formal chronological models for the use and development of Vinča ceramics in south-east Europe Abstract   SUPPLEMENTARY DATA 1   SUPPLEMENTARY DATA 2   PDF FULL TEXT
Alasdair Whittle, Alex Bayliss, Alistair Barclay, Bisserka Gaydasrka, Eszter Bánffy, Dušan Borić, Florin Draşovean Draşovean, János Jakucs, Miroslav Marić, David Orton, Ivana Pantović, Wolfram Schier, Nenad Tasić, Marc Vander Linden
Vol 38 (2011) Adaptation of settlement strategies to environmental conditions in southern Slovakia in the Neolithic and Eneolithic Abstract   PDF
Peter Tóth, Peter Demján, Kristina Griačová
Vol 39 (2012) Alsónyék-Bátaszék: a new chapter in the research of Lengyel culture Abstract   PDF
Anett Osztás, István Zalai-Gaál, Eszter Bánffy
Vol 32 (2005) Ambiguous symbols: why there were no figurines in Neolithic Britain Abstract   PDF
Julian Thomas
Vol 30 (2003) An alternate (and old-fashioned) view of Neolithisation in Greece Abstract   PDF
Catherine Perles
Vol 38 (2011) An exercise in archaeological demography: estimating the population size of Late Neolithic settlements in the Central Balkans Abstract   PDF
Marko Porčić
Vol 43 (2016) An experimental case of wood-working use-wear on quartzite artefacts Abstract   PDF
Ji-Ying Liu, Hong Chen
Vol 42 (2015) Analysis of late mid-Neolithic pottery illuminates the presenceof a Corded Ware Culture on the Baltic Island of Gotland Abstract   PDF
Erik Palmgren, Helene Martinsson Wallin
Vol 32 (2005) Another aspect of figurine function Abstract   PDF
Takamune Kawashima
Vol 39 (2012) Another facet of man – Red deer relationship in prehistory: Antler exploitation at the Eneolithic settlement at Hârșova-tell (Constanţa County, Romania) Abstract   PDF
Monica Măgărit, Dragomir Nicolae Popovici
Vol 29 (2002) Another Neolithic in Holocene Japan Abstract   PDF
Masaki Nishida
Vol 38 (2011) Anthropomorphic figurines from Vinča excavations 1998–2009 Abstract   PDF
Nenad Tasić
Vol 32 (2005) Anthropomorphic statuettes from Cucuteni-Tripolye: some signs and symbols Abstract   PDF
Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici
Vol 31 (2004) Archaeographic and conceptual advances in interpreting Iberian Neolithisation Abstract   PDF
Luiz Oosterbeek
Vol 42 (2015) Archaeological culture, please meet yoghurt culture: towards a relational archaeology of milk Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 41 (2014) Archaeological evidence for 9th and 8th millennia BC at Girmeler Cave near Tlos in SW Turkey Abstract   PDF
Turan Takaoğlu, Taner Korkut, Burçin Erdoğu, Gül Işın
Vol 35 (2008) Archaeological research in Miercurea Sibiului – Petris¸ (Sibiu County, Romania): the Starčevo-Cris¸ level during 1997–2005 (a preliminary report) Abstract   PDF
Sabin Adrian Luca, Dragoş Diaconescu, Cosmin Ioan Suciu
Vol 42 (2015) Archaeology and rapid climate changes: from the collapse concept to a panarchy interpretative model Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 31 (2004) Archaeometrical analysis of Neolithic pottery from the Divača region, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Andreja Žibrat Gašparič
Vol 43 (2016) Archery by the Apaches – implications of using the bow and arrow in hunter-gatherer communities Abstract   PDF
Žiga Šmit
Vol 38 (2011) Architecture of Lasinja culture settlements in the light of new investigations in northern Croatia Abstract   PDF
Kornelija Minichreiter, Zorko Marković
Vol 31 (2004) Are land snail a signature for the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition Abstract   PDF
David Lubell
Vol 38 (2011) Arrangement of Vinča culture figurines: a study of social structure and organisation Abstract   PDF
Adam N. Crnobrnja
Vol 39 (2012) Austronesian’ and ‘Jōmon’ identities in the Neolithic of the Ryukyu Islands Abstract   PDF
Mark J. Hudson
Vol 35 (2008) Becoming Neolithic. The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition and its impact on the flint and stone industry at Swifterbant (the Netherlands) Abstract   PDF
Izabel Devriendt
Vol 43 (2016) Becoming sedentary? The seasonality of food resource exploitation in the Mesolithic-Neolithic Danube Gorges Abstract   PDF
Vesna Dimitrijević, Ivana Živaljević, Sofija Stefanović
Vol 41 (2014) Beginnings of the Neolithic in Southeast Europe: the Early Neolithic sequence and absolute dates from Džuljunica-Smărdeš (Bulgaria) Abstract   PDF
Raiko Krauß, Nedko Elenski, Bernhard Weninger, Lee Clare, Canan Çakırlar, Petăr Zidarov
Vol 37 (2010) Bodies, houses and gardens: rhythmanalysis of Neolithic life-ways Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 41 (2014) Book review: Julian Thomas The Birth of Neolithic Britain: An Interpretive Account. Abstract   PDF
Marko Sraka
Vol 43 (2016) Book review: Raiko Krauß: Ovčarovo-Gorata. Eine frühneolitische Siedlung in Nordostbulgarien Abstract   PDF
Ivan Gatsov, Nikolay Sirakov
Vol 41 (2014) Book review: Stella Souvatzi and Athena Hadji (eds.) Space and Time in Mediterranean Prehistory (Routledge Studies in Archaeology) Abstract   PDF
Marko Sraka
Vol 37 (2010) Book reviews Abstract   PDF
Agni Prijatelj
Vol 36 (2009) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja, Simona Petru
Vol 34 (2007) Book reviews Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja, Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 34 (2007) Bridging the gap. The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in a frontier zone Abstract   PDF
Bart Vanmontfort
Vol 31 (2004) Building a method for the study of the Mesolithic Neolithic transition in Portugal Abstract   PDF
Mary Jackes, Christopher Meiklejohn
Vol 37 (2010) Burial clothing in Neolithic cemeteries of the Ukrainian steppe Abstract   PDF
Nadezhda Kotova
Vol 38 (2011) Burial practices and social complexity: Jomon examples Abstract   PDF
Takamune Kawashima
Vol 38 (2011) Burial practices at the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain: change or continuity? Abstract   PDF
Emily Hellewell, Nicky Milner
Vol 38 (2011) Can we reconcile individualisation with relational ‘personhood: a case study from the Early Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Chapman John, Gaydarska Bisserka
Vol 39 (2012) Cattle to settle – bull to rule: on bovine iconography among Late Neolithic Vinča culture communities Abstract   PDF
Miloš Spasić
Vol 28 (2001) Celestial symbolism in the Vučedol culture Abstract   PDF
Aleksandar Durman
Vol 41 (2014) Ceramic petrography, mineralogy and typology of Eneolithic pottery from Krašnja, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Milena Horvat, Breda Mirtič
Vol 43 (2016) Ceramics among Eurasian hunter-gatherers: 32 000 years of ceramic technology use and the perception of containment Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 37 (2010) Ceramics in the burial rites of the Neolithic-Early Bronze Age in the Ukrainian steppe Abstract   PDF
Nadezhda Kotova, Larissa Spitsyna
Vol 29 (2002) Changes in the production and use of pottery from the Early Neolithic to the ‘secondary products revolution’: some evidence from LN Makriyalos, Northern Greece Abstract   PDF
Dimitrios Vlachos
Vol 33 (2006) Clash of cultures? Archaeology and genetics Abstract   PDF
Mark Pluciennik
Vol 36 (2009) Climate change and population dynamics during the late Mesolithic and the Neolithic transition in Iberia Abstract   PDF
Javier Fernández López de Pablo, Magdalena Gómez Puche
Vol 36 (2009) Climate fluctuations and trajectories to complexity in the Neolithic: towards a theory Abstract   PDF
Detlef Gronenborn
Vol 36 (2009) Climate variations in the Circum-Alpine region and their influence on Neolithic-Bronze Age lacustrine communities displacement and\or cultural adaptation Abstract   PDF
Francesco Menotti
Vol 35 (2008) Colour, form, animals and deception in the ice age Abstract   PDF
Simona Petru
Vol 35 (2008) Communities, households and animals. Convergent developments in Central Anatolian and Central European Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Arkadiusz Marciniak
Vol 43 (2016) Comparing different sampling methods in order to reconstruct plant economies at the Eneolithic lake dwelling site Stare gmajne, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Tjaša Tolar, Anton Velušček
Vol 33 (2006) Complex settlement and the landscape dynamic of the Iščica floodplain (Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia) Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž, Mihael Budja, Nives Ogrinc
Vol 38 (2011) Concepts of probability in radiocarbon analysis Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Weninger, Kevan Edinborough, Lee Clare, Olaf Jöris
Vol 38 (2011) Containers and grains: food storage and symbolism in the Central Balkans (Vinča period) Abstract   PDF
Boban Tripković
Vol 39 (2012) Creating identities in the mortuary arena of the Greek Final Neolithic: a contextual definition of practices in Central and Southern Greece Abstract   PDF
Katerina Psimogiannou
Vol 31 (2004) Cueva de El Toro (Antequera, Malaga-Spain): a Neolithic stockbreeding community in the Andalusian region, between the 6th and 3th millennia BC Abstract   PDF
María Dolores Cámalich, R. Buxó, E. Chávez, J. C. Echallier, Pedro Gonzáles, Antonio Goñi, M. Mañosa, T. Orozco, M. A. Paz, M. O. Rodríguez, A. Rodríguez, M. Tusell, J. P. N. Watson
Vol 42 (2015) Cultural and demic diffusion of first farmers, herders,and their innovations across Eurasia Abstract   PDF
Carsten Lemmen
Vol 35 (2008) Cultural landscapes in the lower Danube area. Experimenting tell settlements Abstract   PDF
Dragos Gheorghiu
Vol 31 (2004) Current debates on the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain and Ireland Abstract   PDF
Julian Thomas
Vol 37 (2010) Dance in Prehistoric Europe Abstract   PDF
Yosef Garfinkel
Vol 40 (2013) Deciphering Later Neolithic stamp seal imagery of Northern Mesopotamia Abstract   PDF
Çigdem Atakuman
Vol 29 (2002) Defining function in Neolithic ceramics: the example of Makriyalos, Greece Abstract   PDF
Dushka Urem-Kotsou, Kostas Kotsakis, Ben Stern
Vol 36 (2009) Demographic model of the Neolithic transition in Central Europe Abstract   PDF
Patrik Galeta, Jaroslav Bruzek
Vol 39 (2012) Did shamans always play the drum? Tracking down prehistoric shamanism in Central Asia Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Rozwadowski
Vol 29 (2002) Diet and cuisine: farming and its transformations as reflected in pottery Abstract   PDF
Andrew Sherratt
Vol 41 (2014) Different models for the Neolithisation of Albania Abstract   PDF
Adem Bunguri
Vol 38 (2011) Different ways of using space: traces of domestic and ritual activities at a Late Neolithic settlement at Sormás-Török-földek Abstract   PDF
Judit P. Barna, Emília Pásztor
Vol 34 (2007) Digging the Neolithic stamp-seals of SE Europe from archaeological deposits, texts and mental constructs Abstract   PDF
Agni Prijatelj
Vol 29 (2002) Direct dating of Neolithic pottery: progress and prospects Abstract   PDF
C. Bonsall, G. Cook, J. L. Manson, D. Sanderson
Vol 43 (2016) Diversity and homogeneity among the early farming communities of Western Anatolia Abstract   PDF
Eylem Özdoğan
Vol 34 (2007) Early and middle Neolithic figurines – the migration of religious belief Abstract   PDF
Valeska Becker
Vol 30 (2003) Early herders of the Eastern Adriatic Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 35 (2008) Early herding practices revealed through organic residue analysis of pottery from the early Neolithic rock shelter of Mala Triglavca, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Lucija Šoberl, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Mihael Budja, Richard P. Evershed
Vol 37 (2010) Early Neolithic burials of Starćevo culture at Galovo, Slavonski Brod (Northern Croatia) Abstract   PDF
Kornelija Minichreiter, Katarina Botić
Vol 33 (2006) Early Neolithic jar burials in southeast Europe: a comparative approach Abstract   PDF
Krum Bacvarov
Vol 36 (2009) Early Neolithic pottery dispersals and demic diffusion in southeastern Europe Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 38 (2011) Early Neolithic settlement patterns and exchange networks in the Aegean Abstract   PDF
Agathe Reingruber
Vol 31 (2004) Early polished stone tools in South China evidence of the transition from Palaeolithic to Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Chaohong Zhao, Xiaohong Wu, Tao Wang, Xuemei Yuan
Vol 39 (2012) Early villages and prehistoric sites in the Abharroud Basin, northwest of the Iranian Central Plateau Abstract   PDF
Sajjad Alibaigi, Shokouh Khosravi, Abolfazl Aali
Vol 33 (2006) Eastern, Central and Western Hungary – variations of Neolithisation models Abstract   PDF
Eszter Bánffy
Vol 38 (2011) Ein Qedem 2. A Kebaran site in Nahal Galim, Mount Carmel, Israel Abstract   PDF
Danny Rosenberg, Dani Nadel, Avraham Ronen
Vol 35 (2008) Embodiment and visual reproduction in the Neolithic: the case of stamped symbols Abstract   PDF
Robin Skeates
Vol 39 (2012) Emerging craft production and local identity: a case of the Late Jomon Period Abstract   PDF
Takamune Kawashima
Vol 37 (2010) Empty graves in LBK cemeteries – indications of special burial practises Abstract   PDF
Eva Lenneis
Vol 31 (2004) Expected palaeoanthropological and archaeological signal from a Neolithic demographic transition on a worldwide scale Abstract   PDF
Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel, Jérôme Dubouloz
Vol 42 (2015) Farmers’ spatial behaviour, demographic density dependence and the spread of Neolithic agriculture in Central Europe Abstract   PDF
Serge Svizzero
Vol 31 (2004) Farming and feasting in the Neolithic of Greece: the ecological context of fighting with food Abstract   PDF
Paul Halstead
Vol 28 (2001) Feast or famine? Epipalaeolithic subsistence in the northern Adriatic basin Abstract   PDF
Preston Miracle
Vol 35 (2008) Feasting and inter-village networks Abstract   PDF
Takamune Kawashima
Vol 42 (2015) Fifth and fourth millennium BC in north-western Iran: Dalma and Pisdeli revisited Abstract   PDF
Akbar Abedi, Behrooz Omrani, Azam Karimifar
Vol 38 (2011) Figurines in Pietrele: Copper Age ideology Abstract   PDF
Svend Hansen
Vol 42 (2015) First salt making in Europe: an overview from Neolithic times Abstract   PDF
Olivier Weller
Vol 40 (2013) Flesh or fish? First results of archaeometric research of prehistoric burials from Sakhtysh IIa, Upper Volga region, Russia Abstract   PDF
Henny Piezonka, Elena Kostyleva, Mikhail G. Zhilin, Maria Dobrovolskaya, Thomas Terberger
Vol 42 (2015) Foodways architecture: storing, processing and dining structures at the Late Neolithic Vinča culture site at Stubline Abstract   PDF
Miloš Spasić, Saša Živanović
Vol 42 (2015) Forms, function, and use of Early Eneolithic pottery and settlement structures from ZgornjeRadvanje, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Bine Kramberger
Vol 43 (2016) Function and behaviour: use-wear evidence from Upper Paleolithic tools in southern Shanxi Province, North China Abstract   PDF
Hong Chen, Yiren Wang, Chun Chen
Vol 35 (2008) Funerary rites in a Neolithic nomad community in Southeastern Arabia: the case of al-Buhais 18 Abstract   PDF
Roland de Beauclair
Vol 33 (2006) Further notes on Mesolithic-Neolithic contacts in the Iron Gates Region and the Central Balkans Abstract   PDF
Ivana Radovanović
Vol 33 (2006) Gene-flows and social processes: The potential of genetics and archaeology Abstract   PDF
Julian Thomas
Vol 43 (2016) Genomic approaches and their contributions to understanding the European Neolithisation Abstract   PDF
Cristina Gamba
Vol 39 (2012) Gentes groups in the structure of Neolithic cultures of the Central Russian Plain Abstract   PDF
Yuri B. Tsetlin
Vol 36 (2009) Geo-pedological and climatic impact on the distribution and organization of Neolithic settlements in Eastern Croatia (Western Syrmia) Abstract   PDF
Marcel Burić, Tihomila Težak-Gregl
Vol 37 (2010) Göbekli Tepe – the Stone Age Sanctuaries. New results of ongoing excavations with a special focus on sculptures and high reliefs Abstract   PDF
Klaus Schmidt
Vol 39 (2012) Group identities in the Central Balkan Late Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Adam N. Crnobrnja
Vol 37 (2010) Hamzan Tepe in the light of new finds Abstract   PDF
Bahattin Çelik
Vol 42 (2015) Hard water and old food. The freshwater reservoir effect in radiocarbon dating of food residues on pottery Abstract   PDF
Bente Philippsen
Vol 35 (2008) Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changes in Lake Balaton as inferred from a complex quantitative environmental historical study of a lacustrine sequence of the Szigliget embayment Abstract   PDF
Pál Sümegi, Sándor Gulyás, Gusztáv Jakab
Vol 35 (2008) Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changesin the Sárrét basin, NW Hungary Abstract   PDF
Pál Sümegi, Sándor Gulyás, Gergő Persaits
Vol 32 (2005) Homo habitus: agency, structure and the transformation of tradition in the constitution of the TRB foraging-farming communities in the North European plain (ca 4500–2000 BC) Abstract   PDF
Marek Zvelebil
Vol 39 (2012) Houses, pots and food: the pottery from Maharski prekop in context Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Milena Horvat, Mihael Budja
Vol 30 (2003) Hunter-gatherers and farmers: neighbours in north-eastern Kuiavia, Poland Abstract   PDF
Lucyna Domanska
Vol 29 (2002) Identification of animal fats via compound specific δ13C values of individual fatty acids: assessments of results for reference fats and lipid extracts of archaeological pottery vessels Abstract   PDF
Richard P. Evershed, Stephanie N. Dudd, Mark S. Copley, Anna Mutherjee
Vol 42 (2015) Identifying Neolithic animal management practices in the Adriatic using stable isotopes Abstract   PDF
Emily Zavodny, Sarah B. McClure, Brendan J. Culleton, Emil Podrug, Douglas J. Kennett
Vol 32 (2005) If the Vinča script once really existed who could have written or read it? Abstract   PDF
Andrej Starović
Vol 36 (2009) Implications of the role of Southeastern Europe in the origins and diffusion of major Eurasian paternal lineages Abstract   PDF
Siiri Rootsi
Vol 35 (2008) Imprints of the Neolithic mind – clay stamps from the Republic of Macedonia Abstract   PDF
Goce Naumov
Vol 38 (2011) in memoriam Marek Zvelebil Abstract   PDF
Ezster Bánffy
Vol 29 (2002) In Memoriam Professor Tatjana Bregant (1932–2002) Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 38 (2011) In search of past identities Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 37 (2010) In search of rituals and group dynamics: correspondence analyses of Neolithic grave fields on the Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea Abstract   PDF
Paul Wallin
Vol 39 (2012) Indications of the presence of Middle Neolithic pottery kilns at Magoula Imvrou Pigadi, SW Thessaly, Greece Abstract   PDF
Nina Kyparissi-Apostolika
Vol 34 (2007) Indo-Europeanization – the seven dimensions in the study of a never-ending process Abstract   PDF
Harald Haarmann
Vol 43 (2016) Initial stages of two Neolithisation models in the Lower Volga basin Abstract   PDF
Alexander Vybornov
Vol 40 (2013) Interdisciplinary research of the Neolithic Volga-Kama pottery Abstract   PDF
Aleksandr Vybornov, Irina Vasilyeva
Vol 40 (2013) Interdisciplinary studies of the Cis-Ural Neolithic (Upper Kama basin, Lake Chashkinskoe): Palaeoecological aspects Abstract   PDF
Evgeniia Lychagina, Nataliya Zaretskaya, Alexey Chernov, Elena Lapteva
Vol 39 (2012) Interpretative trajectories toward understanding personhoods in prehistory Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 28 (2001) Introductory remarks Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 34 (2007) Is it goddess or bear? The role of Catalhöyük animal seals in Neolithic symbolism Abstract   PDF
Ali Umut Türkcan
Vol 34 (2007) Jomon pottery: cord-imitating decoration Abstract   PDF
Irina Zhushchikhovskaya
Vol 38 (2011) Karahan Tepe: a new cultural centre in the Urfa Area in Turkey Abstract   PDF
Bahattin Çelik
Vol 43 (2016) Keep on walk: the role of migration in Linearbandkeramik life Abstract   PDF
Daniela Hofmann
Vol 40 (2013) Lactase persistence and milk consumption in Europe: an interdisciplinary approach involving genetics and archaeology Abstract   PDF
Michela Leonardi
Vol 43 (2016) Landscape construction and time reckoning in Iron Age Celtic Iberia Abstract   PDF
A. César González-García, Marco V. García Quintela, Juan A. Belmonte
Vol 38 (2011) Late Neolithic cultural elements from the Danube and Carpathian regions of Precucuteni – Trypillia A culture Abstract   PDF
Nataliia Burdo
Vol 33 (2006) Light at the end of the tunnel: the way megalithic art was viewed and experienced Abstract   PDF
George Nash
Vol 41 (2014) Lipids, pots and food processing at Hočevarica, Ljubljansko barje, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Nives Ogrinc, Mihael Budja, Doris Potočnik, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 36 (2009) Lithic raw material procurement in the Moravian Neolithic: the search for extra-regional networks Abstract   PDF
Martin Kuča, Antonín Prichystal, Zdenk Schenk, Petr Škrdla, Milan Vokác
Vol 36 (2009) Lithics in Neolithic Northern Greece: territorial perspectives from an off-obsidian area Abstract   PDF
Georgia Kourtessi-Philippakis
Vol 39 (2012) Man, animal or both? Problems in the interpretation of early symbolic behaviour Abstract   PDF
Simona Petru
Vol 40 (2013) Managing raw materials in Vinča culture: a case study of osseous raw materials from Vitkovo Abstract   PDF
Selena Vitezović, Jelena Bulatović
Vol 43 (2016) Marine shell hoard from the Late Neolithic site of Čepin-Ovčara (Slavonia, Croatia) Abstract   PDF
Boban Tripković, Vesna Dimitrijević, Dragana Rajković
Vol 36 (2009) Mesolithic cremations as secondary mortuary practices at Vlasac (Serbia) Abstract   PDF
Dušan Borić, Jelena Raičević, Sofija Stefanović
Vol 37 (2010) Mesolithic fish and fishermen of the Lower Danube (Iron Gates) Abstract   PDF
Alexandru Dinu
Vol 34 (2007) Mesolithic heritage in early Neolithic burial rituals and personal adornments Abstract   PDF
Eva Lenneis
Vol 28 (2001) Mesolithic to Neolithic in Greece. Continuity, discontinuity or change of course? Abstract   PDF
Kostas Kotsakis
Vol 32 (2005) Mesolithic-Neolithic contacts as reflected in ritual finds Abstract   PDF
Eszter Bánffy
Vol 37 (2010) Messing with the dead: post-depositional manipulations of burials and bodies in the South Scandinavian Stone Age Abstract   PDF
Fredrik Fahlander
Vol 35 (2008) Micro-regions of the Lepenski Vir culture: Padina in the Upper Gorge and Hajdučka Vodenica in the Lower Gorge of the Danube Abstract   PDF
Borislav Jovanović
Vol 34 (2007) Middle and Late Holocene hunter-gatherers in East Central Europe: changing paradigms of the ‘non-Neolithic’ way of life Abstract   PDF
Marek Nowak
Vol 30 (2003) Migration, acculturation and culture change in western temperate Eurasia, Abstract   PDF
Detlef Gronenborn
Vol 32 (2005) Miniature vessels from the Neolithic site at Čatež-Sredno polje. Were they meant for every day use or for something else? Abstract   PDF
Alenka Tomaž
Vol 42 (2015) Modelling the initial expansion of the Neolithic out of Anatolia Abstract   PDF (Full Text)   Supplementary Data
Maxime Brami, Andrea Zanotti
Vol 31 (2004) Modelling the Neolithic dispersal in northern Eurasia Abstract   PDF
Pavel Dolukhanov, Anvar Shrukov
Vol 39 (2012) Models and scenarios of the Neolithic in Central Europe Abstract   PDF
Ivan Pavlů
Vol 38 (2011) Monte d’Accoddi and the end of the Neolithic in Sardinia (Italy) Abstract   PDF
Maria Grazia Melis
Vol 37 (2010) Monuments and monumentality: the cosmological model of the world of megaliths Abstract   PDF
Magdalena S. Midgley
Vol 33 (2006) Most recent investigation of peopling of Bosnia and Herzegovina: DNA approach Abstract   PDF
Damir Marjanović, Naris Pojskić, Belma Kalamujić, Narcisa Bakal, Sanin Haverić, Anja Haverić, Adaleta Durmić, Lejla Kovačević, Katja Drobnić, Rifat Hadziselimović, Dragan Primorac
Vol 37 (2010) Mounds and rituals in the Jomon Period Abstract   PDF
Takamune Kawashima
Vol 38 (2011) Mr. Blademan. Macrolithic technology – Eneolithic vocabulary and metaphors Abstract   PDF
Aleksander Dzbyński
Vol 40 (2013) Navigating disciplinary challenges to global sustainability science: an archaeological model Abstract   PDF
Mark J Hudson
Vol 40 (2013) Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement patterns in central Moldavia (Romania) Abstract   PDF
Robin Brigand, Olivier Weller
Vol 41 (2014) Neolithic and Eneolithic activities inferred from organic residue analysis of pottery from Mala Triglavca, Moverna vas and Ajdovska jama, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Lucija Šoberl, Milena Horvat, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Marko Sraka, Richard Evershed, Mihael Budja
Vol 37 (2010) Neolithic anthropocentrism: the principles of imagery and symbolic manifestation of corporeality in the Balkans Abstract   PDF
Goce Naumov
Vol 42 (2015) Neolithic ceramic spoons – indicators of dietary distinctiveness in the eastern Adriatic Neolithic? Abstract   PDF
Kristina Horvat
Vol 39 (2012) Neolithic flat-based pots from the Carnac Mounds in the light of Cycladic ‘frying pans’ Abstract   PDF
Cassen Serge, Emmanuelle Vigier, Olivier Weller, Cyrille Chaigneau, Gwenaëlle Hamon, de Labriffe Pierre-Arnaud, Martin Chloé
Vol 40 (2013) Neolithic pots and potters in Europe: the end of ‘demic diffusion’ migratory model Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 41 (2014) Neolithic pottery and the biomolecular archaeology of lipids Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 29 (2002) Neolithic pottery at Polgar-10 (Hungary): measuring the habitus Abstract   PDF
John Chapman
Vol 33 (2006) Neolithic skull shapes and demic diffusion: a bioarchaeological investigation into the nature of the Neolithic transition Abstract   PDF
Ron Pinhasi
Vol 36 (2009) Neolithic\Eneolithic settlement patterns and Holocene environmental changes in Bela Krajina (south-eastern Slovenia) Abstract   PDF
Phil Mason, Maja Andrič
Vol 31 (2004) Neolithisation in Mongolia: the Mesolithic-Neolithic site of Tamsagbulag (Dornod district) Abstract   PDF
Michel Louis Séfériadès
Vol 33 (2006) Neolithisation in southwest Asia – the path to modernity Abstract   PDF
Trevor Watkins
Vol 43 (2016) Neolithisation of Sava-Drava-Danube interfluve at the end of the 6600–6000 BC period of Rapid Climate Chang: a new solution to an old problem Abstract   PDF
Katarina Botić
Vol 43 (2016) Neolithisation of technology: innovation and tradition in the Starčevo culture osseous industry Abstract   PDF
Selena Vitezović
Vol 41 (2014) Neolithisation of the Aegean and Southeast Europe during the 6600–6000 calBC period of Rapid Climate Change Abstract   PDF
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Vol 39 (2012) Place and identity: networks of Neolithic communities in Central Europe Abstract   PDF
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Vol 40 (2013) Pots and food: uses of pottery from Resnikov prekop Abstract   PDF
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Vol 39 (2012) Pots and lipids: molecular and isotope evidence of the food processing at Maharski prekop Abstract   PDF
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Vol 42 (2015) Preceramic, Aceramic or Early Ceramic? The radiocarbon dated beginning of the Neolithic in the Aegean Abstract   PDF
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Vol 28 (2001) Preface Abstract   PDF
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Vol 33 (2006) Pushing it back. Dating the CCR5–32 bp deletion to the Mesolithic in Sweden and its implications for the Meso\Neo transition Abstract   PDF
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Vol 34 (2007) Reassessing the concept of the ‘Neolithic’ in the Jomon of Western Japan Abstract   PDF
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Vol 28 (2001) Re-thinking the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Iberian peninsula: a view from the West Abstract   PDF
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Vol 32 (2005) Settlement of the Early Linear Ceramics Culture at Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz site Abstract   PDF
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Vol 40 (2013) Social change at the end of the Middle Jomon: a perspective from resilience theory Abstract   PDF
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Vol 39 (2012) Social complexity and inequality in the Late Neolithic of the Central Balkans: reviewing the evidence Abstract   PDF
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Vol 34 (2007) Some indications of shamanism in Arasbaran rock carvings Abstract   PDF
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Vol 35 (2008) Spiral patterns on the Neolithic pottery of East Asia and the Far East Abstract   PDF
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Vol 39 (2012) Stone Age hunter-gatherer ceramics of North-Eastern Europe: new insights into the dispersal of an essential innovation Abstract   PDF
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Vol 30 (2003) Stone age transitions. Neolithisation in central Scandinavia Abstract   PDF
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Vol 28 (2001) Technology, mythology and the travels of the agricultural package in Europe Abstract   PDF
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Vol 38 (2011) The absolute chronology of East Chia Sabz: a Pre-Pottery Neolithic site in Western Iran Abstract   PDF
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Vol 32 (2005) The concept of “Neolithic package”: considering its meaning and applicability Abstract   PDF
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Vol 43 (2016) The Cretan Mesolithic in context: new data from Livari Skiadi (SE Crete) Abstract   PDF
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Vol 43 (2016) The exploitation of animal resources in Șoimuș-La Avicola (Ferma 2) settlement (Romania) Abstract   PDF
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Vol 40 (2013) The necklace from the Strážnice site in the Hodonín district (Czech Republic). A contribution on the subject of Spondylus jewellery in the Neolithic Abstract   PDF
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Vol 36 (2009) The Neolithization of Northern Black Sea area in the context of climate changes Abstract   PDF
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Vol 42 (2015) The oldest pottery in hunter-gatherer communitiesand models of Neolithisation of Eastern Europe Abstract   PDF
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Vol 42 (2015) The origin of farming in the Lower Volga Region Abstract   PDF
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Vol 42 (2015) The origins of agriculture in Iberia: a computational model Abstract   PDF
Salvador Pardo Gordó, Joan Bernabeu Aubán, Oreto García Puchol, Michael Barton, Sean M. Bergin
Vol 42 (2015) The origins of pottery in East Asia: updated analysis (the 2015 state-of-the-art) Abstract   PDF
Yaroslav Kuzmin
Vol 38 (2011) The petroglyphs of Dowzdaghi, Northwestern Iran Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Kazempur, Nasir Eskandari, Asadollah Shafizade, Asadollah Shafizade
Vol 43 (2016) The power of the dead in Neolithic landscapes: an agricultural-celestial metaphor in the funerary tradition of the Funnel Beaker Culture in the Sandomierz Upland Abstract   PDF
Stanislaw Iwaniszewski
Vol 40 (2013) The problem of the neolithisation process chronology in Povolzhye Abstract   PDF
Aleksandr Vybornov, Marianna Kulkova, Tomash Goslar, Goran Possnert
Vol 32 (2005) The process of Neolithisation in South-eastern Europe: from ceramic female figurines and cereal grains to entoptics and human nuclear DNA polymorphic markers Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 36 (2009) The relationship between Early Holocene climate change and Neolithic settlement in central Anatolia, Turkey: current issues and prospects for future research Abstract   PDF
Eleni Asouti
Vol 37 (2010) The representation of phalli in Neolithic Thessaly, Greece Abstract   PDF
Stratos Nanoglou
Vol 40 (2013) The role of Linear Pottery houses in the process of neolithisation Abstract   PDF
Ivan Pavlu
Vol 33 (2006) The role of Southeastern Europe (SEE) in origins and diffusion of major paternal lineages Abstract   PDF
Marijana Peričić, Lovorka Barać Lauc, Irena Martinović Klarić, Petra Rajić Šikanjić, Branka Janičijević, Pavao Rudan
Vol 33 (2006) The spread of farming in the Eastern Adriatic Abstract   PDF
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Vol 35 (2008) The Stonehenge Riverside Project: exploring the Neolithic landscape of Stonehenge Abstract   PDF
Mike Parker Pearson, Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, Chris Tilley, Kate Welham
Vol 37 (2010) The story of the only (?) megalith grave on Gotland Island Abstract   PDF
Helene Martinsson-Wallin, Paul Wallin
Vol 38 (2011) The supply system of siliceous rocks between the Drava, Sava and Danube rivers during the Starčevo culture Abstract   PDF
Rajna Sošić Klindžić
Vol 43 (2016) The swan chariot of a solar deity: Greek narratives and prehistoric iconography Abstract   PDF
Tomislav Bilić
Vol 39 (2012) The system of local supply of stone tools in Amzabegovo-Vršnik culture from Neolithic Macedonia Abstract   PDF
Vasilka Dimitrovska
Vol 32 (2005) The transfer of symbols and meanings: the case of the ‘horns of consecration’ Abstract   PDF
Marina Milićević Bradač
Vol 31 (2004) The transition to farming and the 'revolution' of symbols in the Balkans. From ornament to entoptic and external symbolic storage Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 33 (2006) The transition to farming and the ceramic trajectories in Western Eurasia. From ceramic figurines to vessels Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 28 (2001) The transition to farming in Southeast Europe: perspectives from pottery Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja
Vol 37 (2010) The way we bury our dead. Reflections on mortuary ritual, community and identity at the time of the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition Abstract   PDF
Liv Nilsson Stutz
Vol 39 (2012) The white beauty – Starčevo culture jewellery Abstract   PDF
Selena Vitezović
Vol 38 (2011) The ‘disappearance’ of Trypillia culture Abstract   PDF
Mykhailo Videiko
Vol 28 (2001) The “when”, the “where” and the “why” of the Neolithic revolution in the Levant Abstract   PDF
Avi Gopher, Shahal Abbo, Simcha Lev Yadun
Vol 36 (2009) Three successive waves of Neolithisation: LBK development in Transdanubia Abstract   PDF
Krisztián Oross, Eszter Bánffy
Vol 38 (2011) Time and palaeoenvironment in the Neolithisation of the Povolzhye forest-steppe Abstract   PDF
Aleksandr Vybornov
Vol 43 (2016) Tools tell tales – climate trends changing threads in the prehistoric Pannonian Plain Abstract   PDF
Ana Grabundžija, Emmanuele Russo
Vol 35 (2008) Towards an understanding of Early Neolithic populations: a flint perspective from Bulgaria Abstract   PDF
Maria Gurova
Vol 40 (2013) Towards configuring the neolithisation of Aegean Turkey Abstract   PDF
Çiler Çilingiroğlu, Canan Çakırlar
Vol 39 (2012) Towards reassessing the Neolithisation process in Western Iran Abstract   PDF
Hojjat Darabi
Vol 32 (2005) Tracing symbols of life and symbols of death in Neolithic archaeological contexts Abstract   PDF
Nina Kyparissi Apostolika
Vol 36 (2009) Tradition and innovation between the Mesolithic and early Neolithic in the Adige Valley (northeast Italy). New data from a functional analysis of trapezes from the Gaban rock-shelter Abstract   PDF
Emanuela Cristiani, Annaluisa Pedrotti, Stefano Gialanella
Vol 33 (2006) Transformations in East-Central Europe from 6000 to 3000 BC: local vs. foreign patterns Abstract   PDF
Marek Nowak
Vol 40 (2013) Transition to farming – transition to milk culture: a case study from Mala Triglavca, Slovenia Abstract   PDF
Mihael Budja, Nives Ogrinc, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Doris Potočnik, Dušan Žigon, Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 34 (2007) Unravelling ground stone life histories> the spatial organization of stone tools and human activities at LN Makriyalos, Greece Abstract   PDF
Christina Tsoraki
Vol 37 (2010) (Un)Usual Neolithic and Early Eneolithic mortuary practices in the area of the North Carpathian Basin Abstract   PDF
Alena Bistáková, Noémi Pažinová
Vol 31 (2004) Usewear analysis of Mesolithic and Neolithic stone tools from Mala Triglavca, Trhlovca and Pupičina peć Abstract   PDF
Simona Petru
Vol 42 (2015) Vessel guardians: sculpture and graphics related to the ceramics of NorthEastern European hunter-gatherers Abstract   PDF
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Kashina, Aleksandr Zhulnikov
Vol 33 (2006) Violence in the Mesolithic Abstract   PDF
Mirjana Roksandic
Vol 35 (2008) Vlasac revisited: formation processes, stratigraphy and dating Abstract   PDF
Dušan Borić, Charles French, Vesna Dimitrijević
Vol 35 (2008) Warfare in Late Neolithic\Early Chalcolithic Pisidia, southwestern Turkey. Climate induced social unrest in the late 7th millennium calBC Abstract   PDF
Lee Clare, Eelco J. Rohling, Bernhard Weninger, Johanna Hilpert
Vol 38 (2011) Water and fire as transformation elements in ritual deposits of the Scandinavian Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Lars Larsson
Vol 38 (2011) What can bodies do? Bodies and caves in the Karst Neolithic Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 43 (2016) What is a lunar standstill III? Abstract   PDF
Lionel Duke Sims
Vol 34 (2007) When did the ‘Neolithic package’ reach Lepenski Vir? Radiometric and faunal evidence Abstract   PDF
Dušan Borić, Vesna Dimitrijević
Vol 30 (2003) Who did it? Perspectives on the beginning of the Neolithic in Greece Abstract   PDF
Dimitrios Vlachos
Vol 34 (2007) Why were the Neolithic landscapes of Bela krajina and Ljubljana Marshes regions of Slovenia so dissimilar? Abstract   PDF
Maja Andrič
Vol 40 (2013) Will the real specialist please stand up? Characterising early craft specialisation, a comparative approach for Neolithic Anatolia Abstract   PDF
Emma Baysal
Vol 40 (2013) X-ray computed tomography investigations of Cucuteni ceramic statuettes Abstract   PDF
Carmen Pavel, Cosmin Suciu, Florin Constantin, Roxana Bugoi
Vol 33 (2006) Y-Chromosome haplogroup I prehistoric gene flow in Europe Abstract   PDF
Siiri Rootsi
Vol 37 (2010) Zgornje Radvanje, Cluster 10 – a Late Neolithic pit with a structure and smaller pits Abstract   PDF
Bine Kramberger
Vol 43 (2016) ‘Neolithisation’ in the NE Sea of Azov region: one step forward, two steps back? Abstract   PDF
Alexander Felix Gorelik, Andrej Tsybrij, Viktor Tsybrij
Vol 41 (2014) ‘Pre-Neolithic’ in Southeast Europe: a Bulgarian perspective Abstract   PDF
Maria Gurova, Clive Bonsall
Vol 34 (2007) ‘Sheep are your mother’: Rhyta and the interspecies politics in the Neolithic of the eastern Adriatic Abstract   PDF
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Vol 41 (2014) ‘Temples’ in the Neolithic and Copper Age in Southeast Europe Abstract   PDF
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