Book Review

Chris Doherty: The Clay World of Çatalhöyük. A Fine-grained Perspective

  • Andreja Žibrat Gašparič University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia
Keywords: Çatalhöyük, clay, Neolithic, Chris Doherty


Chris Doherty’s study focuses on the role of clay in the development of Çatalhöyük, the famous and largest Neolithic settlement in the Konya Plain in central Anatolia. The author offers a holistic approach to understand the interrelationship between all clay materials used at the site and the landscape. Çatalhöyük lies on the clay-rich bed of the former Pleistocene Lake Konya, which lacked local sources of stone, and this makes its position interesting as clay plays a dual role here, i.e. as the main landscape component and a raw material for different types of material culture at the site. The book is divided into 10 chapters and is supported with many illustrative figures and tables.


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