Bell Beaker Cultural Package in the East European Periphery of the Phenomenon

A Case of Ritual Features in North-Eastern Poland

Keywords: Bell Beaker cultural package, ritual features, north-eastern Poland


The Bell Beaker (BB) cultural package is one of the concepts explaining the extensive diffusion of this phenomenon in Europe. Artefacts associated with the package, discovered mainly in the graves of men, form groups defining the status of the deceased. The BB package is a dynamic turn of events, changing depending on the region, but preserving certain characteristic traits. The complete set of its initial ingredients was not copied in any location, and new local elements were added in various areas of its diffusion. The ritual features unearthed in north-eastern Poland, which contained elements of the BB package, are the assemblages located the furthest in the East European periphery of the phenomenon. The eco- and artefacts from these assemblages are difficult to interpret conclusively within the framework of the classic BB package, as well as in terms of its changes associated with its diffusion. This is connected with the fact that they include elements unknown among the local cultural entities, which reflect the broad circle of contacts their owners maintained.


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ManasterskiD., JanuszekK., WawrusiewiczA., & KlechaA. (2020). Bell Beaker Cultural Package in the East European Periphery of the Phenomenon. Documenta Praehistorica, 47, 374-389.