Daily Practices and Special Events

Exploring Grinding Technologies at the Two Neighbouring Settlements of Kleitos in Late/Final Neolithic Northern Greece

  • Danai Chondrou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of History and Archaeology, Greece
Keywords: grinding tools, ground stone technology, Neolithic, macrolithic artefacts, Aegean prehistory


The article offers a detailed analysis of the grinding tool assemblage from the two neighbouring, partially contemporary and almost entirely excavated Late/Final Neolithic settlements of Kleitos, northwestern Greece. The data shed light on various choices regarding the organisation of the production and management of these implements. According to the evidence, grinding tools were not only used as part of the daily routine, but were also often used in special events. The limited rates of exhausted implements, the extreme fragmentation, and special patterns of deposition indicate the complex manipulation of grinding implements beyond their primary functions.


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