The beginning of the Neolithic on the Upper Volga (Russia)

  • Nataliya A. Tsvetkova The Russian Museum of Ethnography, Sankt Petersburg
Keywords: Upper Volga region, Initial Neolithic, neolithisation, cultural genesis


The appearance of the Neolithic in the Upper Volga region is to be associated with infiltrations of notch-ware pottery-makers into the indigenous Mesolithic populations. Most likely the first vessels were imported into the region as final goods. The undistinguished differences between the Final Mesolithic and the Early Neolithic stone industries prove that this invasion was not a largescale one. This episode should be regarded as transitional from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic (i.e., as part of the process of Neolithisation). The non-ornamented/notch-ware ceramics tradition first established in the local cultural environment was soon after discontinued by the appearance of the populations with multi-compound comb-ware pottery about 6500-6400 uncal BP.


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