Periodisation of the Neolithic and radiocarbon chronology of the Early Neolithic and the beginning of the Middle Neolithic in Finland

Kerkko Nordqvist, Teemu Mökkönen


This paper discusses the basis of Neolithic periodization used in mainland Finland. It is suggested that the periodization should be revised: boundary between the Middle and Late Neolithic periods should be moved to correspond the appearance of Corded Ware (ca. 2800 calBC), and a term Final Neolithic introduced to cover the final centuries of the Neolithic. This kind of division would reflect changes in the cultural development better than the currently used one. In addition, the chronological frames for the pottery types dated between the late 6th and mid-4th millennium calBC, i.e. the Early Neolithic and the beginning of Middle Neolithic, are presented.


Early Neolithic; Middle Neolithic; periodisation; radiocarbon chronology; Finland

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