A small-scale cult centre in Southeast Turkey: Harbetsuvan Tepesi

  • Bahattin Çelik Aradahan University
Keywords: Pre-Pottery Neolithic, T-shaped pillar, Karahan Tepe, Göbekli Tepe, cult centre


The present paper aims to assess the finds from Harbetsuvan Tepesi, which we consider a small-scale satellite settlement located some 7km southwest of Karahan Tepe. The paper also endeavours to show analogous characteristics of Harbetsuvan Tepesi by comparing the site with PPN settlements in adjacent regions. The remains of a round-plan building, a recent discovery observed on the surface in Harbetsuvan Tepesi, which features T-shaped pillars, is particularly notable. The remains of this building, which has characteristics analogous to ‘Enclosure F’ at Göbekli Tepe, is extremely important, as it demonstrates that round-plan buildings were still in use during the early PPNB period.


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Bahattin Çelik, Aradahan University
Archaeology Department
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ÇelikB. (2016). A small-scale cult centre in Southeast Turkey: Harbetsuvan Tepesi. Documenta Praehistorica, 43, 421-428. https://doi.org/10.4312/dp.43.21