A social perspective on the Neolithic in western Iran

  • Hojjat Darabi Razi University
Keywords: Neolithic, social structure, initial complexity, western Iran


While the Neolithic revolution caused gradual basic changes in different dimensions of human life, including social structure, western Iran has so far mostly received attention in terms of the emergence of domestication and sedentarisation. Generally speaking, some evidence, such as architectural elements, burial goods, clay tokens, and scarce artefacts such as obsidian pieces and marble objects not only determine an inter-regional interaction, but also suggest craft specialisation. It is believed that sedentary life and private food storage paved the way for property ownership and that a gradual change from egalitarian to non-egalitarian societies can be seen in the Neolithic of western Iran.


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Author Biography

Hojjat Darabi, Razi University
Archaeology, Assistant Professor
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DarabiH. (2016). A social perspective on the Neolithic in western Iran. Documenta Praehistorica, 43, 283-300. https://doi.org/10.4312/dp.43.14