The origin of farming in the Lower Volga Region

  • Alexander Vybornov Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, Samara
  • Pavel Kosintsev Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Urals Branch of the RAS, Ekaterinburg
  • Marianna Kulkova Russian State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg
Keywords: Neolithic, Lower Volga region, farming, absolute chronology


The paper focuses on the results of archaeological, palaezoological, and radiocarbon analyses of Neolithic and Eneolithic sites in the Northern Caspian and Lower Volga regions. New analyses show that only wild animal species inhabited the territory in the Neolithic. Animals were not domesticated until the Eneolithic period.


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VybornovA., KosintsevP., & KulkovaM. (2015). The origin of farming in the Lower Volga Region. Documenta Praehistorica, 42, 67–75.