Tradition and innovation between the Mesolithic and early Neolithic in the Adige Valley (northeast Italy). New data from a functional analysis of trapezes from the Gaban rock-shelter

Emanuela Cristiani, Annaluisa Pedrotti, Stefano Gialanella


The Neolithisation of the Northern Italy is particularly interesting since archaeological data show dynamics of interaction between the last hunters and the early farmers of the region. In this paper the authors present the results of use-wear and residues analyses carried out on an assemblage of trapezes from one of the key-sites of the Neolithisation in the Adige Valley: Gaban rockshelter. The functional data have been compared and discussed with other strands of archaeological evidence available for the region.


Mesolithic-Neolithic transition; use-wear and residues analyses; trapezes; hunting strategies; aestethic traits; ochre

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