The Lengyel culture settlement in Bučany (preliminary report on pottery processing)

  • Noémi Pažinová Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, Constantine University Nitra
Keywords: Neolithic settlement, Lengyel Culture stage I, pottery, relative chronology


The paper presents the preliminary results of the numerous ceramic finds from the Lengyel Culture settlement, excavated between 1979 and 1981, with a circular object, probably of cult nature, in Bučany, county Trnava, Slovakia. The analysis focuses on a statistical method of numerical coding that simplifies working with huge data files and helps by exact description and classification of the finds. The starting pointing of this approach is recognition of connections and relations (in typological and decorated respects) of the ceramic material. The most suitable comparisons could be found in material from Neolithic sites of south-west Slovakia, Moravia and Austria.


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PažinováN. (2007). The Lengyel culture settlement in Bučany (preliminary report on pottery processing). Documenta Praehistorica, 34, 299-310.