• Mihael Budja
Keywords: Preface


The overtures to this Neolithic Studies anthology, were the seventh and eighth Neolithic Seminars held at the Department of Archaeology, University of Ljubljana in May 2000 and November 2001. As far as content is concerned, we have maintained to contemplate the neolithisation processes and the transition to farming in Eurasia as well concepts and models such as “agricultural frontier”, “demic diffusion” and related genetic palimpsest, “wave of advance”, “availability model”, “secondary centres of neolithisation” and, to “when” and “where” questions of plant domestication. Special attention was paid to “the analyses of transition to farming and human impact on the landscape” that has been completed under the tenure of a research project at the Department of Archaeology, University of Ljubljana (J6-8598-0581) and with the financial assistance of Slovenian Ministry for Science and Technology. There are papers address the gap between theory and method in the identification of prehistoric feasts and, the conception as shown on the vessels that had more of a ritual than a practical role. Particular attention is drawn to the pot with the calendar image.


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