CALL FOR PAPERS: The Buddhist Concept of Mindfulness and Its Application in Contemporary Societies


Asian Studies Vol 4 (20), No 2

Focusing upon the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, the special issue (summer 2016) aims to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the main views on the nature and the mechanisms of cognitive processes in classical and modern Buddhist philosophy in order to improve their applicability in contemporary global societies. Hence, the main purpose of the issue is to explore the role of this ancient concept in modern life, to investigate and analyze the current prevailing attitudes towards its various forms, models and applications, to enable new insights into its theoretical backgrounds, and to introduce its new methods and practices.  

Short abstracts (150–250 words) are to be submitted till January 30th 2016 to the editors Jana S. Rošker (e-mail: ) and Nataša Visočnik ( ), and the complete papers till March 1st 2016 upload online

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Bridges between Asia and Europe: Buddhism in Contemporary Societies


Asian Studies Vol 4 (20), No 1

The first issue in 2016 will be dedicated to the Buddhist studies. It will explore the role of Buddhism in contemporary global, especially European societies. The call for papers is especially directed towards (but not limited to) the participants of the Symposium dedicated to the same topic, which took place at the Faculty of Art in Ljubljana from March 12th to 14th 2015.

Previous not published articles are to be submitted online ( by September 1st 2015.

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CALL FOR PAPERS: European Jesuits in China (16th–18th)



European Jesuits in China (16th–18th): The Impact of Jesuits on the Development of Modern Chinese Science

Asian Studies Vol 3 (19), No 2

The Autumn issue 2015 will be dedicated to the work of European Jesuits in China from 16th till 18th centuries. The main purpose of this issue is to further explore the role of Jesuits on the development of modern Chinese science. More specifically, this issue seeks to offer new insights in Jesuit`s contribution to development of the astronomy, cartography and mathematical sciences with special focuses on astronomical instruments and the work of Jesuits in the imperial Board of Astronomy.

We welcome papers from scholars, researchers, PhD students and other who have expertise in the above mentioned topic.

 Previous not published articles are to be submitted online ( by the 30th June 2015.


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CALL FOR PAPERS: New Insights on Japanese Society


The purpose of next issue of the Asian Studies is to explore new trends, developments and prospects in the study of Japan.

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